I felt the connection to nature early on. As a child I was often found by the water, in the forest or near any animal.

The training to become an animal kinesiologist showed me that nature and our modern world are one whole. We are living in a new time, nothing excludes the other, we can connect everything.

I was born in 1996 and live with my husband near Bern. I have two cats, a mare and a pony gelding. I approach animals on the same level. It is very important to me not to pressure, lure or touch them right away. I let each animal choose how quickly it wants to approach me.  This is how I usually manage to build up some trust from the start.



Animal PyschAromatica level 2;  Nayana Morag


Japanisches Heilströmen für Mensch und Tier; Tina von der Brueggen
Touch for Health 3+4;   Isabelle Cavigelli 
Düfte für Pferd und Hund;  Duftkreis Linda Flückiger
Animal PyschAromatica level 1;  Nayana Morag

2018 - 2020
Ausbildung zur Tierkinesiologin;  Anisana

Einführungskurs Tellington Touch Methode für Pferde; Lily Merklin

Das Pferd als Spiegel deiner Persönlichkeit; QueensRanchAcademy

2013 - 2015
Kaufmännische Lehre, seitdem KV-Angestellte in verschiedenen Branchen

My Companions

Cici and Yuki