Free/wild animals get their need for essential oils themselves. Due to our fences and rules, our pets are no longer able to do this. But their instincts remain and are as strong as ever. Due to the biochemical feedback between plant and animal, the oils they need smell and taste particularly good. Which means our animals chooses the oil themselves. Self-medication gives back control and automatically reduces stress. 

Essential oils can help with different projects and support the healing process:
  • anxiety
  • nervousness / Restlessness
  • strengthen self confidence
  • lack of will to live, depression
  • lack of motivation, apathy
  • stress
  • aggressiveness
  • lack of concentration
  • relieve physical ailments such as itching

Depending the need of the animal, we are also able to do different products:

  • Gel against warts and sarcoids
  • Clay mixture against thrush
  • Gel against flies and horseflies in summer (for the face)
  • Itch relieving mixtures

The oils are always used with great care and are always diluted. We use hydrosols with cats to avoid risk.

How do the oils work?

The fragrance molecules of the essential oils hit the olfactory mucous membrane when you inhale and are thus distributed throughout the body. They are passed on to the limbic system by an electrical impulse and thus act on our psyche and, depending on the scent, stimulate organs.

How does a treatment work?

First we arrange a video call (Whatsapp or Zoom). I will ask you a lot of questions :-) It's about you, your animal and your needs. After the call I am able to choose the right oils. ls. 

Then I will visit you with the products. We'll let your animal choose which oil it wants, how to proceed and I'll explain exactly what you have to pay attention to when using the oils. 

You will then offer the selected oils to your animal daily. If you have any questions or uncertainties during this time you can always contact me. After your animal shows that it no longer needs the oils, we discuss the changes and decide together how we want to continue.

If you live further away...

No problem! We can do all consultations completely online. It's only important that you have good reception and good lighting so I can advise you in the best way.

Clay against thrush
Riecht guuuut :-)